Volkswagen T-Shirts

Our Volkswagen t-shirts will warm the heart of any VW enthusiast. They feature vintage Volkswagen cars, taking us back to a time when life was uncomplicated. Remember piling into the back of a Kombi with you friends and driving to the beach for the day? Everyone hot, sandy and happy. Or were you a Beetle driver? Did you learn to drive in one? Flying down the road with the roar of that air-cooled engine ringing in your ears. Your bum getting burnt on the vinyl seats that turned into molten lava on the first hot day.
Ah yes, those were the days. Bring back those fond memories with a retro V Dub t-shirt.
Let's start with the Kombi. We have the iconic split screen bus. Ours has been slammed just a little, for some modern day stance. But that 1960s styling is unmistakable. And then there's the Baywindow Kombi van, a staple in households right across Australia in the 70s.
We also have 2 Beetle t-shirts to choose from. A side profile that we all love so much. Complete with white-wall tyres and shiny dome hubcaps. And a rear view of the single window model. These t-shirt designs really do take you back in time.
Our clothing is the best quality apparel in Australia. The shirts are a regular fit men's t-shirt made from smooth soft cotton. Super comfortable. We know this will be your new favourite VW t-shirt.