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Automotive Stubby Holders: Cool Comfort for Car Guys

Rev up your refreshment game with our automotive-themed stubby holders, the ultimate pit stop for your drink! Crafted from the softest neoprene that hugs your can like a sports car on a tight curve, these coolers aren't just about keeping your beverage icy; they're a statement of style and passion for the road. With prints that fuel your automotive enthusiasm, they're the perfect co-pilot for your next adventure or garage hangout.

Crafted from the sleek and durable neoprene, these holders are not just a protective layer for your drink; they're a statement. With dimensions that snugly hug your drink at 10cm wide and 10cm high, they're designed to fold flat, effortlessly sliding into your pocket or bag like a dream. Wave goodbye to the days of crack, fade, or peel – our commercial-grade direct to transfer prints ensure your stubby holder remains as vibrant and detailed as your love for all things automotive. Whether you're trackside, roadside, or simply couch cruising, our stubby holders are the perfect pit stop for your drink. Don't let your beverage go cold on the excitement – gear up with one of these bad boys and keep your drink insulated in style!

If you're looking for a car we don't have, please hit the request a car button below. Because we design every stubby holder in-house, we can draw your request for you and add it to our always-growing stubby holder range.